''Ph inferno mafia will divide and conquer and will bring peace and help to other players but if you mess with us, Start praying for your soul. And we will haunt you even in your dreams.



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    PH Inferno Mafia Clan (B-Zone SAMP)
    -- Rules, Regulations and Some Shits--
    [Section A ] (Clan History and Agenda)
    1.PH Inferno Mafia Clan is an unofficial clan in Server B-zone.ro in San Andreas Multiplayer.
    2.The clan is formed by the Filipino players Harrison And Trick24 on November 7,2014 in another Samp Server before they discover Bzone Server.
    3. The clan is built for other filipino players for protection, Family, Server Tut, Training and other game-related actions.
    4.The Clan's Motto ''Ph inferno mafia will divide and conquer and will bring peace and help to other players but if you mess with us, Start praying for your soul. And we will haunt you even in your dreams.
    5. The Clan's new agenda, Being a rival and bigtime criminals, And to form a drug group and the leader as the clan's Drug Lord.
    [Section 2] (Clan Members and Rules)
    1.A player must be Holistically matured, Highly respected, Friendly , Willing to obey Orders and Brave.
    2. We dont tolerate players that have beggar attitude. Remember we are a clan , not a charity group.
    3.Must Be level 10, Have Weapon license and willing to undergo training.
    4. Every member must have highly respect to the leader and other High ranks. If a leader or high rank give you order, You must obey and do the action as fast as you can.
    5. Report to the leader if you have conflicts with other player. Making conflicts/curse to co-member is highly punishable.
    6. If you will be inactive for a long period of time, Pm the leader or the subleader.
    7.If we had a recruit, The new recruit will request a training and if he/she passed, he will be a hitman of the clan for A week and he/she is in the probationary period.
    8. The punishments will be dictated by the leader after he hear the confessions of the two panels.
    9. Refusing a recruit and order of leader is punishable.
    10. Inactive players will be automatically Kicked out if the member Hasn't played for 2 months and dont have a absence request.
    11. Trolling or bullying Other members is strictly prohibited.
    12. Scamming or hacking members account will be kicked out in clan.
    [Section 3] (Clan Events, Rob , Activities)
    1. Clan events will be announced a day before the event.
    2. If an event is announced, Just comment down if you are willing to join.
    3. If you joined in an event but absent in the day of the said event ,You will suspended in the next event.
    4. Rob Day is always Saturday/Sunday. 8:00 [GMT+2(Romania Time)] or 1:00pm (DST) or 2:00 (Standard Time).
    5. If you want to join the rob. Just pm in the Group Chat.
    6. If you are the one who did wrong and failed the rob, you are suspended for the next rob. (Leader and Subleader is Exempted)
    7. Activities will also announced a day before.
    [Section 4] (Clan Communications)
    1. Every member must have a Walkie talkie.
    2. The Clan Walkie talkie frequency is set to 93.7 .
    3.Private messages can be done only in sms.
    4. No transactions, swear/Curse, Conflicts, and confidential messages in Freq.
    [Section 5] (Clan Officers , Ranks)
    Rank 100: Harrison - Founder/Leader/Treasurer/Drug Lord
    Rank 6:Trick - Subleader/Drug Distributor/Assasin Leader
    Rank 5: Vendex - Drug distributor/ Manager/Assasin Subleader
    Rank 4: Lloyd - Director Drug Supplier/Distributor
    Rank 3: Julse,Jim - Hitmens/Drug Pushers/Newbies Commander/ rank 1 officers.
    Rank 2 : Hans,zenki,Ambo - Drug Supplier(small time)/Senior Apprentice/Detectives
    Rank 1: Ali,Lemuel,Jericho - Drug Pushers/Apprentices.
    Inactive Members - They are still members
    [Section 6] (Clan Hits and Killer Guide)
    1. You can kill your hit when you have orders from the leader. There will be a reward every successful hit.
    2. If you will hit the same target repeatedly, the reward wil be doubled every successful hit.
    3. If you just wanna kill somebody because you made conflicts with H/S , Just get a clearance from the leader then do what you want.
    4. We will have a Hitman of the week award.
    [Section 7] (Other Clan
    1. Clan meeting will be announced on group.
    2. The Colors of the car in the clan is only Black.
    3. Clan members should live in a same house.
    4. Every clan member should know the right parking of their cars.
    5. Any member disobey rules will be punished.
    Newly added rules
    -Sasalain ko na yung mga post dito kase minsan yung mga post dito nonsense lang walang kwenta kaya babaguhin ko yung settings kailangan ng group admin approval.
    - New freq 93.7(Pag online palang use freq na agad)
    -Need your presence in our weekly meeting every saturday 3pm.
    -Color your cars black
    -Weekly Training Every sunday.
    -Clan's New Agenda , Be a drug and bigtime criminals to just like a real mafia.
    - Every member must remit 300g of drugs every week to their leader. And the drug money get from transaction must be transferred to the leader.
    -The price of drugs is 10g -1500. If you want to get a extra money from every transaction you can sell higher than the price but make sure that you will remit the 1500$ drug money from every 10g sold.

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